Welcome to North South Transport Network Private Limited! .Pakistan is located on the crossroads of Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, India and Iran. Logistics requirement of regional economies is increasing rapidly. China and multilateral organizations like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, JICA etc are investing multibillion dollars in logistics infrastructure development of Pakistan for access of regional economies to the ports. Pakistan has three commercial ports which are strategically located in Arabian Sea. Gwadar port is taken on lease for 40 years by a Chinese company. Sust border dry port has been developed by another Chinese company therefore these two logistics infrastructure that facilitate international trade belongs to China now. Karachi, Qasim and Gwadar ports are well developed seaports and they can handle the any kind of transit cargoes of regional markets however still the transit trade could not be materialized between China and other Central Asian countries and Pakistan due to regulatory issues. Therefore, we have created North South Transport Network Private Limited company considering regional economic development and connectivity with western China.
In short we call NSTN. NSTN arranged a large fleet of trucks in Pakistan and China for transportation of cargoes through Joint Venture partnerships. Now NSTN provide trucking services between China and Pakistan under one window operation. NSTN is an international transportation and warehousing company, operating in Pakistan and China through its transport services. It offers six different kinds of road transport services for import, export cargoes between China and Pakistan and transit trade via Pakistani territory. It is developing its fleet of trucks and logistics support infrastructures at different economic nodes in Pakistan and China. NSTN management is highly experienced in logistics and transport sector and keeps abreast with latest economic developments in the region. NSTN employees are the real assets of the company. Dedicated, trained and motivated individuals are serving the needs of the trade and industry. Last but not the least NSTN helps the poor as its corporate social responsibility and improving the living and educational standards.